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Comenda launches compact quick warewasher

Hubbard Systems has launched the HF45 undercounter dishwasher. Manufactured by Comenda, the new unit is part of the upscale Hi-Line range, which is said to combines a mid-budget price with features such as a rinse control device (RCD) to ensure the best possible results.

The HF45 is a compact unit, measuring 600mm x 600mm x 820mm high, and its door gives clearance of up to 400mm, so it can handle larger ware.

It accommodates 500mm x 500mm racks and on the fast programme takes 90 seconds per wash cycle. At the other end of the scale is the Eco2 programme, which takes 240 seconds but minimises energy consumption.

Standard features include a stainless steel, double-skinned body, a single piece deep drawn tank, a multiple filtering system which minimises water consumption by keeping washwater clear for longer, and a self-cleaning cycle that functions automatically when the machine is shut down.

The RCD system works by using a pressurised boiler and a rinse booster pump to maintain consistent water pressure and temperature throughout the wash cycle. This in turn ensures that all the dishes are cleaned thoroughly.

Optional extras include an energy-saving heat recovery and steam condensing unit and a built-in water softener.

The Comenda HF45 is available through Hubbard Systems’ network of dealers. List prices start from £3,758 +VAT.

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