How to entice clean and cold efficiency

Quietly efficient refrigeration for Hush St Pauls from Williams cropEven though being green is trumpeted by catering equipment manufacturers and end users keen to attract environmentally-minded diners, ultimately it is often cost that determines whether an appliance is included in a commercial kitchen specification.

So how can manufacturers convince dealers that green is also good for business?

“Energy saving and sustainability should be every catering equipment buyer’s watchwords,” according to Williams Refrigeration’s sales and marketing director, Malcolm Harling.

“Not just because it’s right for the planet, but also because it makes solid business sense, especially with equipment that uses energy 24/7 – like refrigeration.”

He cited staff training as a key strategy: “No matter how efficient the refrigeration, if the door is left open then energy is wasted!” he emphasised.

Williams is developing a number of training aids, including ‘how to’ videos which can be viewed on its website.

“Williams operates a continuous improvement policy and strive to use best available technology when introducing new products to market,” said Harling.

He believes this is evident in the manufacturer’s latest model, the Jade Slimline, which is the first in its range to be fitted with Williams’ new energy-efficient compressors.