PKL launches wide-ranging equipment leasing package

PKL Group, a supplier of temporary and permanent modular kitchens as well as commercial catering equipment for hire, has launched U-Select, a new way for hospitality businesses to seek advice and procure commercial catering equipment via a suite of different options.

U-Select provides outlets such as coffee shops, sandwich bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs through to large or public sector companies who are planning on acquiring catering equipment, a range of different procurement choices.

PKL is offering packages including rental, hire and lease purchase and a choice of new or U-Select stock equipment. The six options comprise:

Quick Start Hire: A flexible option with no minimum contract and weekly payments. Operators can choose from U-Select stock hire catering equipment and get their business up and running straight away.

Try It, Buy It: A choice of new or stock catering equipment hired for a weekly payment. After the minimum 12 month contract there is the option to purchase equipment at a reduced rate, extend the hire or hand it back.

Flexi-Hire: Start-ups and medium sized businesses can choose from a range of stock equipment as well as design and support options, and they have to adhere to a minimum 12 month contract and monthly payments.

Big Hire: A fully inclusive offer suitable for larger and public sector organisations. U-Select will buy the equipment of the operator’s choice and hire it to them, or choose from U-Select stock equipment. All design, service, maintenance, parts and labour is included in the rental fee, and there is a minimum 36 month contract.

Buy Easy: This lease-purchase option allows caterers to buy brand new equipment of their choice and is suitable for start-ups and medium sized businesses.

U-Select Approved: A selection of U-Select ex-hire equipment available to purchase.

Lee Vines, MD of PKL Group said: “There was a gap in the marketplace to aid start-up businesses, but U-Select is actually useful for operators of all sizes.

“The growth in the UK’s food culture including coffee shops, sandwich bars and gastro pubs means there’s an increased requirement for quality catering equipment but it can sometimes be difficult for caterers know where to start, have the capital available straight away or to know how to specify the right equipment for the job.

“PKL has more than 27 years’ experience in this sector and we know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach just does not work as each business is unique. U-Select not only gives caterers access to our expertise but also our financial stability enabling them to procure equipment in a way in which best suits their needs.”

The company has already worked with [email protected] in Crouch End, London on a U-Select basis, as the operator hired equipment using the Try It, Buy It package.