Pantheon CCG2R Double Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill crop

Pantheon grill helps to quit smoking

Pantheon CCG2R Double Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill cropPantheon Catering Equipment has launched a new range of ceramic contact grills (CCG).

The Bolton-based catering equipment manufacturer believes that the new 2R models will eliminate most smoke and odour associated with grilling food. They are designed with completely non-porous surfaces that do not hold on to food flavours or trap particles of cooking debris, unlike traditional cast iron grills.

The company suggests that wiping its ceramic grill between uses can provide a useful cooking medium across a wide variety of foods, whereas with cast iron grills, their porous make up tends to hold on to the flavours of previously cooked foods (as well as the burnt residues that can create smoke).

Pantheon said that the grills’ versatility enables them to be used far more extensively than traditional types. The CCGs are designed heat up fast and cook quickly, to make them energy efficient.

The grills come in single and double options, both with a choice of smooth and ribbed tops. List prices start at £749.00 for the single, smooth top model.