Repairs to appliances in a commercial kitchen

Cemco have recently made repairs to many appliances in a commercial kitchen in Inverness at Barchester Health Care.

The repairs included…

  • Supplying and fitted a new boiler lid seal
  • Fitting a limescale filter
  • Fixing door seals on one fridge and one freezer
  • Replacing glass canopy for hotcupboard

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Catering Equipment Service, Bath

Cemco have recently serviced the catering equipment at Monkton Combe School .

Thw work included..

  • service and repairs to a refrigerator
  • service and repairs to their ancillary equipment
  • gas and safety testing

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Pantheon grill helps to quit smoking

Pantheon CCG2R Double Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill cropPantheon Catering Equipment has launched a new range of ceramic contact grills (CCG).

The Bolton-based catering equipment manufacturer believes that the new 2R models will eliminate most smoke and odour associated with grilling food. They are designed with completely non-porous surfaces that do not hold on to food flavours or trap particles of cooking debris, unlike traditional cast iron grills.

The company suggests that wiping its ceramic grill between uses can provide a useful cooking medium across a wide variety of foods, whereas with cast iron grills, their porous make up tends to hold on to the flavours of previously cooked foods (as well as the burnt residues that can create smoke).

Pantheon said that the grills’ versatility enables them to be used far more extensively than traditional types. The CCGs are designed heat up fast and cook quickly, to make them energy efficient.

The grills come in single and double options, both with a choice of smooth and ribbed tops. List prices start at £749.00 for the single, smooth top model.

Repairs to Catering Equipment

Cemco have recently made repairs to catering equipment at The Pipers Inn, Ashcott, Somerset.

The repairs included:

  • Fixing a gas connection hose
  • Replacing a stainless steel gas fitting
  • Replacing fan speed controller unit
  • Replacing freezer door seals

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Creating mobile style

mobile kitchenConventional fabricators and distributors and food truck specialists alike have been taking advantage of the booming street food scene.

Target Catering Equipment’s MD, David Pedrette thinks that trucks are an easy entry level for those looking to become catering venue operators. The Gloucester-based fabricator and distributor has been involved in several trailer fit-outs, including converting an old American Airstream trailer into a Tex Mex diner to increase the capacity of the Royal Oak pub in Tepbury. “Only a specialist fabricator could fit out this caravan, as there were no straight lines within it,” commented Pedrette.

The firm usually specialises in induction equipment but for this installation it was required to fit LPG gas-powered equipment from Lincat. It is currently working on a proposal for an induction equipped trailer for street food and festival use for a London pop-up restaurant owner, however.

Road regulations for trailers changed in 2014, meaning they now all have to have an individual vehicle approval (IVA) certificate. This means that as well as being roadworthy, they cannot be overweight. “We are fortunate to have a weighbridge nearby, so once we have outfitted a trailer with the catering equipment, we weigh it to make sure it does not exceed the specifications,” said Pedrette.

Elsewhere, installation and servicing firm, the Safeguard Group, has discovered a niche in this market. LPG trailer service and maintenance is highly specialised, requiring qualified and skilled engineers who can operate at different levels of gas safety and installation. The Oldham-based company found that people providing that service were proving to be thin on the ground.

MD Steve Ingham explained: “We have customers who work trade fairs and markets so when they came to us for help I thought: why don’t we train our own people and start doing it ourselves?”

Safeguard quickly built up team of engineers and has seen a huge response since it started advertising LPG services in March.

It was after a routine repair for a regular customer that Ingham was contacted by a young couple who wanted him to do something special with an old builders’ van.

He detailed: “I was a bit surprised when they told me that they wanted to turn it into a mobile coffee shop, but once I’d seen that the van was actually in pretty good condition I thought it was a real opportunity to offer a completely unique service. So we turned it into not just a coffee bar but also one that could serve hot and cold snacks.”

The van now has a full LPG kit, refrigeration, WhiteRock ceiling and walls, electrics and even LED lights. Ingham concluded: “It’s turned out really well and I’m amazed what we’ve managed to pack into an old van. The couple intend to take it round the country to all kinds of fairs and events, but not until after its paint job, which I believe is going to be a case of covering it in coffee beans. We’re not doing that for them, but maybe we should start looking into that too.”

Sterling design in Styal for The Clink

The Clink Styal cropSterling Foodservice Design has completed the design and overseen the fit-out of the fourth branch of prisoner training restaurant, The Clink.

Located at HMP Styal, the first female institution to develop a Clink facility, the new outlet is in a de-consecrated 100 year old chapel.

The Clink is a charity which establishes a commercial kitchen and restaurant either within a prison or separately, whereby selected inmates are professionally trained to cook for or serve the customers with the goal of acquiring educational qualifications.

FCSI member Andrew Powis and his wife Elaine, both MDs of Sterling, were appointed along with their team to design fine dining catering facilities and a non-alcoholic bar at this new site. The chapel required a large amount of planning to ensure the open plan kitchen and associated services within a limited floor space, including a mezzanine floor with staff facilities, could be accommodated without harming the historic decorative features and mindful of all current legislation.

C & C Catering Equipment was tasked with the supply of the fabricated stainless steel tables, sinks and pass counter to Sterling’s specification and also co-ordinating the majority of equipment deliveries and installation.

The open plan kitchen is a signature feature of The Clink’s concept which Sterling further developed into a state-of-the-art facility. All equipment needed to reflect a modern traditional kitchen operation from goods inward, storage, preparation, cooking and dishwashing so that the inmates would be fully prepared for when they gain employment.

Several suppliers have already generously supported the previous Clink projects but Andrew and Elaine Powis approached many who were unaware of the charity’s work and were more than willing to provide their equipment at cost or free of charge. The total equipment kindly provided was in excess of £100,000.00. All contributions will be recognised by being named on a “thank you” board in the restaurant’s entrance lobby as well as on its website.

The equipment includes a Musso ice cream maker, two Sammic sous vide and vacuum packing machines, barista style coffee machine, an Eau de Vie still and sparkling water filter which can be bottled, all of which make The Clink self sufficient.

Sterling specified a Leigh Tec Systems ventilated ceiling in order to provide an unobstructed view across the heated granite/ambient pass to the focal point of the Nayati one piece top cooking suite which incorporates an oven, pasta cookers, fryers, induction tops and gas hobs. This ceiling accommodates a Fireworks fire suppression system which utilises small unobtrusive nozzles in keeping with the concept.

One of the most important elements was the installation of the drainage channels and roll-grids made by Ado-Metal which are anti skid, anti splash and can be rolled up to be put in the dishwasher for sanitisation.

Other suppliers comprised: Adande Refrigeration, Chiller Box, Classeq, Environmental Products and Services, Espresso Service, First Choice Catering Spares, Gram, Hobart, Jestic, Linda Lewis Kitchens, Marco Beverage Systems, Mechline Developments, Meiko UK, Mission Integrated Systems, Monika (UK), P&L Systems, RH Hall, Shelfspan, Unox and Williams Refrigeration.

A training programme involving the suppliers was organised by Sterling in conjunction with the general manager of training and openings which resulted in certificates being issued to the trainees. The restaurant will open to the public on 30 April.

Catering Equipment Service in Dorset

Cemco have recently undertaken a bi annual service for the catering equipment at Clayesmore School in Iwerne Minster, Dorset.
Not only did they test and service the equipment, but they also provided Gas Safety Testing Certificate.

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Dishwasher Repairs Swanage

Cemco have recently inspected and repaired the Parade Fish and Chip shop Commercial Dishwasher in Swanage.

If you need any repairs or servicing work done on your commercial dishwasher, please contact Cemco today on   01202 377205