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First multifunction touchscreens from Ambach

Cemco NewsAli Group brand Ambach has launched two innovative multifunction cooking systems in the UK, IQ850 for small kitchen environments and IQ900 for large-scale production.

Both systems feature the Ambach Navigator, an intuitive touchscreen that gives caterers control. It allows caterers to start cooking processes with a single touch and a recipe function of over 30 pre-set recipes, which chefs can add to and personalise. Raised above the surface of the unit, the screen has a swivel function and simple icons, making it easy to use during busy services.

At 800mm wide, IQ850 is a compact multifunctional system is suitable for caterers with limited space who want to deliver a varied menu. It can perform braising, frying, steaming and low temperature cooking.

The modular system can be positioned in the cook line for optimal efficiency and its linear construction can reduce the operational footprint by up to 30%.

IQ900 is a multifunctional cooking system designed for large-scale food production facilities including canteens, hospitals and schools.

With a power of up to 41.4kW IQ900 is capable of delivering a large amount of covers. It automatically manages the cooking processes of boiling, brazing, frying, steaming, pressure and low temperature cooking, including the preparation of roasts and stews.

Ambach machines are designed to help maintain a clean kitchen environment. IQ850 can be integrated with a one-piece hygienic top and a joining system.

IQ900 can be integrated into a System 900 cook-line, also with a one-piece hygienic top. The Ambach Assisted Cleaning System and pullout spray hose, enables all cooking surfaces to be cleaned.

IQ850 and IQ900 also have an Eco-Mode function that automatically lowers energy consumption when the system is not in use and which quickly returns to full operating temperature.

Other energy saving features include a Power Save protection system which enables cooking at lower temperatures.

Alistair Farquhar, country manager Ambach UK, said, “The new cooking systems showcase Ambach’s focus on helping chefs create personal and productive working environments, just the way they want it.”