Valentine grabs noodle restaurant order

Valentine noodle cookerRecently-opened Japanese ramen restaurant Ippudo London chose Valentine’s Turbo Noodle Cooker VMCNT-3 to deliver high quality noodles.

The cooker has an up-rated element to keep the water at a fast boil during the busiest service.

Ramen is a broth containing pork matched with homemade noodles and the noodles are essential to the ramen experience. The restaurant’s development team tested several cookers ahead of the grand launch last October, before choosing the Valentine equipment.

Ippudo London’s kitchen manager said, “We are quite happy with the quality of Valentine’s pasta cooker. Accurate temperature control and cook time are essential when cooking ramen noodles, and Valentine’s pasta machine offers consistent power output and water temperature and is easy to control.

“The machines are very good, reliable and consistent. We’ve not had any problems with them.”

The Ippudo chain was established in Japan in 1985 by Shigemi Kawahara.

Ippudo was established in Japan in 1985 by Shigemi Kawahara.

Repairs to MKN Combination Oven

Cemco have recently made repairs to a MKN Combination Oven at Monkton prep School, Bath repairs. The repair they made was to the fan belt which was faulty.

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