Chefs and plates

Goodfellows extends trade-only kit to consumer market

Chefs and platesTableware and catering equipment supplier Goodfellows is expanding its business by taking some of the commercial products it sells into the high-end domestic market.

The company has launched a website and ecommerce platform that is designed to meet demand from serious home cooks for range of exclusive tableware and kitchen equipment that have previously been trade-only.

Goodfellows, which is based in the North East but operates a showroom in central London, is rolling out the new website as it prepares to celebrate its second year in business.

The new ‘For Cooks’ website at aims to bridge the gap between professionals and amateurs, offering consumers high status brands and professional-level equipment from around the world.

A panel of top chefs, including James Close, Aiden Byrne, Kenny Atkinson and Nigel Haworth are spearheading the online community by providing exclusive content, tips and tutorials, plus links to products designed specifically for them.

Managing director, Valda Goodfellow, commented: “When we launched Goodfellows two years ago it was to give five-star hotels and restaurants plus great independent operators access to the best brands in kitchenware that they could not buy from anyone else, and customer demand has seen that grow to a point where we are now almost a £3m business.

“Taking our products out to consumers via an online community seemed the next logical step. Market testing plus the number of well respected names in the industry who were keen to be involved has reinforced our instinct that the demand is there.”

Goodfellow added that TV cookery shows and a general interest in food and its provenance have sparked an explosive growth in the number of people taking a serious interest in cooking.

This, she says, has led to an increase in the number of people interested in sourcing professional-level gadgets and equipment that are used by the top chefs.

“There is nothing like this out there for them, and we have unashamedly designed the For Cooks community as the ultimate resource for that audience,” she said.