Firm makes business out of restoring rusty catering parts

Before and after panA 20-year-old business that specialises in cleaning industrial equipment has launched a new service that promises to get old catering equipment machinery and parts looking like new.

Gloucestershire-based Metalwash Limited hopes its ‘Metalwash Launderette’ service will catch on with companies keen to restore portable parts and machinery or catering appliances such as trays and utensils.

It identified a need for developing an environmentally-friendly cleaning of industrial and machine parts after realising that hiring a specialist cleaning machine on a long-term basis was not a viable option for many companies and private owners.

The new venture is aimed at firms which have a requirement for smaller items to be regularly cleaned and refurbished, with rust, degreasing, ingrained dirt and paint being the most common problems.

CEO, James Marshall, said: “We have had many customers getting in touch who do not have the need to hire an on-site machine from us for long-term use but instead prefer us to clean their items for them.

“With the Metalwash Launderette we are now able to offer a regular door-to-door service, collecting components and returning them restored to their former glories.”

It is not just catering equipment companies and chefs that the company is seeking to appeal to.

Vintage car owners, garages and even a restorer of antique aeroplanes are among those who have benefitted from the launderette service during its start-up phase.