New Contract For St Johns Winchester

Cemco are very proud to announce a New Contract for Equipment Service and Maintenance with St Johns Winchester Charity for the period 2013-2014. We will be providing day to day cover for Catering Equipment repairs and maintenance plus undertaking two Services per year to Maintain the Equipment at various sites.

Nisbets Online Sales Interactive Catalogue

Catering equipment supplier Nisbets has launched its first ever interactive catalogue. The catalogue features more than 900 new product lines and offers a range of exclusive video content and product demonstrations that customers can access by scanning the relevant pages. To use the catalogue, customers need to download the free ‘Aurasma’ app and register a username.   Nisbets bags     Nisbets marketing director, Simon O’Mahony, said: “We are delighted to finally unveil our new interactive catalogue, which will give Nisbets customers significantly greater detail and information than we can include in the catalogue alone.” O’Mahony said the catalogue “massively enhances” the Bristol-based company’s product content and offers it endless opportunities to bring its products to life.

Catering Engineer dies fixing School Electric Oven

A catering engineer working for Blackburn-based catering equipment firm Acme has tragically died after being electrocuted while repairing an oven. Jason Haslem, 24, reportedly suffered a massive electric shock while working on the appliance at a primary school in Oldham.Police officers and paramedics were called to the scene at 4.45pm last Thursday and tried to revive him, but he failed to regain consciousness. The Health and Safety Executive this morning told Catering Insight that an inquiry into the tragedy at Fir Bank Primary School was underway. Mr Haslem, a married father of two young children, is understood to have been checking over cooking equipment at the school following a refurbishment of its kitchen ahead of the new term. Acme Cook Manchester A spokesman for the HSE’s North West office said it was currently looking to establish the exact circumstances that led to Mr Haslem’s death. “A joint investigation with Greater Manchester Police into the incident is taking place and inspectors have visited the site,” the spokesman told Catering Insight. He said it was not possible to say how long the investigation would take, but that the HSE would seek to establish whether there were any grounds for a prosecution to take place. Acme today released a statement, which read: “It is with enormous sadness that we confirm the death of one of our employees, Jason Haslem. This is clearly a tragic incident for everyone at ACME Facilities Group Limited and for everyone who knew Jason but, above all, our thoughts and profound condolences are with Jason’s wife and family. “Our priority now is to support them, and Jason’s colleagues, at what is an extremely difficult time. “It is very important that the circumstances surrounding the incident are thoroughly investigated and we will of course continue to provide all necessary assistance to the authorities involved in that process. It would be wrong to say anything else whilst that investigation takes place.” Acme has been providing commercial catering equipment services for more than 50 years, initially as a family business and then as a subsidiary of Pentland Group, which owns the company. It has just completed a rebranding exercise that will see it known as the Acme Facilities Group Limited from now on. The move is designed to reflect the expansion of its activities beyond its traditional markets of refrigeration, catering and air conditioning. It now operates an in-house fabrication workshop and recently completed the acquisition of a heating, plumbing and ventilation company. Previously the company’s name was H&H Refrigeration Limited T/a Acme Refrigeration.  

15 kitchens closed in Hampshire gas crackdown

15 commercial kitchens in the Hampshire district of Hart have been closed this summer after council inspectors found they had gas leaks or unsafe gas appliances. Hart District Council began a project in May to identify unsafe gas appliances and pipework in catering establishments across the district. Figures released by the council suggest local food outlets are in dire need of help from suppliers and distributors to ensure they are complying with the latest gas guidelines when using commercial catering equipment. Out of 50 inspections of gas appliances that have now taken place, eight premises were closed by the Gas Emergency Service due to gas leaks. Another seven were closed either voluntarily or through the service of a prohibition notice. Six improvement notices were also served where equipment was found to be ‘at risk’. In addition, two unregistered gas engineers were found to be working in the area and another two were working on appliances for which they were not qualified. The number of companies failing gas inspections is particularly concerning given that all commercial catering premises were written to before the inspections took place, informing them of the campaign and their obligations to make sure that gas installations and appliances were safe. Councillor John Kennett, portfolio holder for community safety, licensing and environmental health, said: “The Council prefers to guide and educate kitchen operators about ensuring that their equipment poses no dangers but when they take no notice of advisory letters then we have a duty, to both employees and members of the public, to ensure that premises are safe.” Visits were carried out in conjunction with Gas Safe engineers with prohibition notices being served where appliances were considered immediately dangerous.

Drain Clearing Enzyme Liquid & Dosing Equipment

Cemco supply and install Drain Cleaning Dosing Equipment to help establishments suffering with Drain Blockages caused by Fats and Grease from Catering Equipment. Cemco install Automated Drain Dosing Equipment which can prevent blockages due to by-products of the cooking process. Enzyme Drain Cleaner   Drain-Zyme harnesses the power of environmental biotechnology to solve the problems caused by grease in drainage systems in a completely safe and natural way. Drain-Zyme is a liquid product which contains a blend of totally safe micro-organisms which have been specially selected for their ability to efficiently degrade grease. They are also efficient in degrading other food waste materials. These bacteria produce a range of enzymes which degrade grease, starch, protein and plant fibres (cellulose). The formulation also contains a small quantitiy of free enzymes which initiate the process of degradation until the bacteria begin to produce their own. The key to the breakdown of grease and other compounds which are not water soluble is the production of biological surfactants or bio surfactants. Bio surfactants help to emulsify the grease so that it can be degraded more efficiently. The bacteria in Drain-Zyme have been chosen for their ability to produce bio surfactants. Highly effective treatment for degrading starch, fats, proteins, etc in septic tanks ***** GREASE PROBLEMS CAUSE: Blocked Drains Bad Smells Slow Running Sinks Grease Trap Pumping Flooding Backflow ***** DRAIN-ZYME TREATMENT RESULTS IN: Free Flowing Drains Elimination of Bad Odours Increased Hygiene Reduced BOD & COD Levels Reduced Grease Trap Maintenance Safe for Humans & Environment Reduced Drain Maintenance Costs (Also highly recommended for automatic dosing systems) ***** Drain-Zyme is a liquid product which has been specially formulated so that it can be dosed into the drain either manually or automatically. The ideal time for dosing is approximately 1 to 2 hours after kitchen closedown so that the bacteria have an opportunity to degrade the grease under the most favourable conditions. During the hours of kitchen operation, conditions in the drain and grease traps are hostile to biological action due to the high temperatures, sanitisers, high pH, detergents, etc. Consequently it is important that the biological population be maintained by regular dosing of Drain-Zyme. The microbial strains in Drain-Zyme are all naturally occuring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals.     Our Engineers will install an Automated Drain Dosing Pump which injects Enzyme into the waste pipework at preset times and levels, reducing blockages to drain systems and saving costly drain clearing companies call out charges.     AUTOMATIC DRAIN DOSING PUMP For use with “Drain-Zyme” kitchen enzyme grease trap and drain degreaser. ***** It is no longer acceptable to pour harsh caustic chemicals or acids down the drain to clear fat build up or blockages. The DN3 provides accurate automatic dosing of environmentally friendly enzyme based chemicals (Drain-Zyme) that will naturally prevent the build up of fat, providing they are applied regularly at the appropriate time of day. ***** Drainage outlets in areas where food preparation is taking place should have a means of preventing fat build up which can lead to blockages and odour problems. The DN3 biological drain dosing system can be installed directly into the drain outlet, grease traps, pumping stations or urinals. ***** How does it work: The DN3 will dispense a pre-determined volume of enzyme chemical (Drain-Zyme) into the drainage system at pre set times. The timing is critical as detergents and bleaches can destroy the enzymes if they are flowing through the drainage system at the same time. The enzyme product (Drain-Zyme) is able to remove fat and grease deposits because it contains millions of naturally occurring micro-organisms, which degrade fats and grease leaving the drainage system flowing and odour free. ***** Flexible: It is recommended that the enzyme (Drain-Zyme) is dispensed at a time when the drainage system is not being used. To accommodate this requirement the DN3 provides 9 programmes allowing you to set individual times per day, the same set times Monday to Friday, the same set times Monday to Sunday, or different times for week days and week ends. ***** GREASE PROBLEMS CAUSE: Blocked Drains Bad Smells Slow Running Sinks Grease Trap Pumping Flooding Backflow DRAIN-ZYME TREATMENT RESULTS IN: Free Flowing Drains Elimination of Bad Odours Increased Hygiene Reduced BOD & COD Levels Reduced Grease Trap Maintenance Safe for Humans & Environment Reduced Drain Maintenance Costs ***** Easy to install: The DN3 can be supplied mains or battery operated. The mains version will require a 3 amp electrical supply. To ensure maximum results it is recommended that the DN3 outlet is connected to the waste pipe after the last discharge point (usually a sink) just ahead of any grease trap. If there is no grease trap the unit should be connected to the waste pipe after the P trap. Adjustable pipe fittings for use with the DN3 are available. The DN3 is supplied with 1 x 2m clear PVC tubing 1x base connector