National Commercial Dishwasher Repair Service



Teaming up with Nightfreight Cemco now offer a National Dishwasher and Glasswasher Repair Service.

Did you know, it is cheaper for you to send your machine to us for repair and refurbishment than the average Call Out Fee charged by most Companies.

Ok…so how does the Service work ?

1. The Customer calls our dedicated call centre with a description of the machine, make, model etc and advise what the fault seems to be.

2. Our trained staff will have an Engineer call you to discuss any self help procedures that may get the equipment up and running.

3. If phone-line support cannot rectify the problem we will have the unit shipped to our workshops for repair.


As the Customer you will need to pop the dishwasher or glasswasher onto a pallet and simply advise us once that is done, we will advise Nightfreight to collect and deliver to us.

Our Engineers will inspect the faulty unit and we then simply forward a quotation to the customer with a cost to repair….dont worry…we charge a flat rate £65.00 to inspect ANY Dishwasher or Glasswasher…and with delivery costs at approx £38.00 plus VAT  each way you will spend less than a standard engineers attendance.


It’s simple, it’s easy it’s National and it does NOT have to cost the earth to have your machine inspected by fully trained staff…


Call the Hotline on 01202 377205  open 24/7