Microwave Cavity Liners

A Hampshire company specialising in cavity protection systems for commercial microwaves has this week begun production of a new model.

Cavity Protection Systems Ltd, which is a sister company of Regale Microwave Ovens, says it can now offer liners to protect the KOM9F85 and KOM9F50 models — two of Daewoo Electronics’ newest professional machines that Regale wholesales in the UK.

The cavity protection system is a rigid liner that fits snugly inside the cavity of the microwave to protect the components from costly damage caused by spillage and poor cleaning.

Microwave cavity liner available for trade order | cateringinsight.com.

As the liner can be washed in a dishwasher or pot wash, cleaning the microwave is far easier and quicker.

The UK-made liners are now available for the trade to order, with the first stocks being readied for despatch this week.

Up until now Cavity Protection Systems had been producing liners for Panasonic and Sharp, and according to Regale Microwave’s managing director, Patrick Bray, demand has been exceeding expectations.

He hopes this is a sign that it will soon be selling more Daewoo models with the liner than without.

“We offer a distinct price advantage for anyone buying a microwave complete with liner, with the liner costing less than half price when bought together,” he said. “We also repackage the microwave so that the liner is fitted in place inside the microwave when it’s delivered. With the price of a liner costing less than a single call out and repair, customers can see the advantages straight away.”

Bray added that the device has already received plenty of interest from brewery and restaurant chains, with The Restaurant Group, Prezzo and Stonegate Pub Company all specifying the liners with new microwave purchases.