Jacketed Boiler Explodes

All Commercial Catering Equipment repairs should be carried out by trained staff with working knowledge of the equipment being worked on…..

A Pressurised Steam Jacketed Boiler exploded injuring several staff members following a repair undertaken by an Electrician who had no expertise in Commercial Catering Equipment.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBBBV8fDJlk&feature=youtu.be’]


The Electrician by-passed several built-in safety circuits resulting in the unit eventually exploding…..Almost any machine is a “potential time bomb” if its safety features are tampered with.
Electrical wirings are a potential hazard, so are gas pipings. Splashing hot water, bursting steam pipes, a leaking gas pipe or badly fixed electrics can all lead to lethal accidents.

It is all really a matter of attitude – if you ignore manufacturers’ instructions and are willing to let any handyman fix your equipment as they please, sooner or later something will happen, regardless of the type of equipment used. With luck, nobody gets hurt, but with a bit of bad luck, someone might get electrocuted, burned, or otherwise injured, all due to bad maintenance and safety culture