Rational Forum for Chefs and Technicians

What are other chefs saying about Frima & Rational Cooking Centers? It’s no secret that the latest equipment from Frima & Rational let you roast, bake, steam, boil, fry and deep-fry faster, better and more energy-efficiently than ever before. But what are other chefs saying about them? Combination-Ovens.co.uk is the brand new website dedicated to these state-of-the-art combination ovens and vario-cooking center’s. There’s also a brand new lively forum – Chefs-Talk – where you can share experiences, exchange tips, trouble-shoot problems, book onto the latest ‘Cook Live’ demos and find answers to any pre-purchase questions you might have. Topics include:
  • General Discussion: anything & everything to do with ovens and other equipment
  • News of Live Events: don’t miss the latest Frima & Rational demos
  • Customer Boards: read reviews, share experiences, exchange hints & tips and ask pre-purchase questions
  • Technical / Maintenance: Cleaning, Installation, Service & Maintenance… how to get the best from your equipment
Join the conversation today! Joining the Chefs-Talk Forum is simple and secure. Your contact details will remain confidential and won’t be passed onto any third party. Why not join the debate today? Visit Combination-Ovens.co.uk and click the link on the left.