Money Saving Dishwasher Range

Granuldisk…..the new way to remove burnt on an stubborn foodstuffs for the Catering Industry.

The material in PowerGranules® has been approved for use in contact with food, and is also harmless to ingest.

The Granules need to have the exact right shape and density, in order to give a satisfactory wash result. They also need to be hard enough to remove all stuck-on food effectively, but soft enough not to damage the goods or the machine interior. To attain these qualities, the brand PowerGranules® has undergone thousands of hours of development and testing.

Why PowerGranules® ?

  • No soaking or scrubbing – eliminates the need for pre-washing
  • Optimized density and size for optimal removal rate – tested and verified on all GRANULDISK machines
  • Approved for contact with food
  • The Granules are used over and over again in the machine – wash after wash
  • The right qualities – a result of more than 20 years of research and testing
  • The material composition is developed not to harm any of the parts in the machines
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